Edil Lame

Forty years ago a group of people, driven by a common goal, set up Edil Lame, a craftsman company constructing equipment for the building industry. The main aim at the outset was to produce practical, useful machines for firms working on the Italian market.

With over 40 years of experience, Edil Lame stays true to its philosophy of producing practical, useful machines of the highest quality for the building construction industry. In-depth research in materials and supreme finishes are key strengths in their marketing philosophy. Edil Lame has over the years increased the number of products available, completing its range with a wide choice of alternatives including boxed products in assembly kit form as well as more comprehensive, more technical equipment for the more demanding firm. Continuous growth has given the Edil Lame the ability to provide customers with quick answers and accurate service, backed by increasingly technical investment and a highly professional approach through their large international distributor network.

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Mini Cement Mixers

Cement Mixers

High End Cement Mixers

Reversing Drum Cement Mixers

Hydraulic Loading Cement Mixers

Metal Cutting & Working Machines

Wheel-Barrows, Cutting, Storage & Lifters

Dumpers and mini dumpers

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